February 10, 2017

About Us

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Healthcare Management (HMS)

With advancement in Technology, We offer the Doctors an unparalleled view of Patient’s information instantly on their device screen as they offer consulting to the patients.

Not Just this, all the operators using X-ray, CT, MRI, ECG and other get an app where they can easily be notified if there’s a patient coming to the lab for any scan or test.

Contact us today to understand how we help Healthcare organizations to offer seamless services to not just Patients but to the staff as well.



Sharad Technologies offers RAROME School ERP which comprises of Student Information system, HRMS, Grade Resources, Online Exams, every single Grading System currently on offer, Smart Accounting, MIS Dashboard to name a few.

The ultimate goal is to make the Schools worry-free by providing Parents with an stellar view of Student’s records. Right on their mobile phone!


Our expertise lies in providing schools across India and the Gulf Countries by offering a very simple yet superior automatic attendance solution under RAROME portfolio, that keeps both schools and parents reassured of their children’s attendance and reporting to the grading authorities.