February 7, 2017



As a school grows in size and has increased numbers of students, it can take a toll on the school’s administrative staff, teaching staff and management. It gets more and more difficult to keep track of activities and events that are going on around the students and on school premises.

For the first time anywhere in the World, Sharad Technologies presents a full-blown School ERP system which comprises of School Management System, Student Information System, a Robust Country specific Billing module and a feature rich HR Management system. If that doesn’t surprise you, our mobile apps on iOS & Android platform would definitely amaze you.

Our team has come up with an extremely simple solution to the demanding and complex needs of both schools and parents, Avant Garde!

It is a comprehensive hardware and software product which helps update the parents about the activities kids are engaged in like:

  • Attendance and Absentee Reports
  • Time child entered school premises
  • Time child left school premises
  • Real-time location of students on school premises
  • Activity reports for physical education and sports
  • Disciplinary actions

In addition, the Avant Garde is a powerful tool to help parents stay organized, with key features such as:

  • Fee Payment Reminders
  • Parent/Teacher Communication Facilitation
  • Holiday Lists
  • Special Event Notifications

The alerts are provided in either SMS or via apps for both Android and iOS. Our Automation solution also provides free software to growing schools and nurseries where they can automate the complete process on IT infrastructure and use it to reduce the overall paper usage on the school campus. The ultimate goal of Avant Garde is to make schools absolutely paper free! Moreover, moving from School’s legacy Software system to Avant Garde wouldn’t take more than 2 working days. Guaranteed!

For your convenience, the most common features are listed right here:

  • Automation Solution, which comes loaded with an application suite comprising of School Management System, Student Information System, HR Management and a Robust Country specific Accounting module
  • Wireless Plug and play hardware system
  • A dedicated Parent App for School & Kindergarten kids
  • Integration with CCTV Camera in the Schools. Let the parents see what happens in the class
  • Payment integration between Canteen, Library and Sports vendors to reduce financial transactions with kids
  • Payment Gateways. Let the parents deposit fees from their home
  • Special app for School Bus coordinator and Bus Driver
  • Very less Administration when compared with a 3rd Party Student Information System
  • Built-in SMS & Push Notification alert system
  • No need of internet
  • Notification for Event List, Holidays, Sports Activity
  • Track the School Bus, right from the mobile app
  • Fees Reminder
  • Parent Teacher Meeting Notification
  • No need of Computer
  • Easy to install and Super easy to use
  • Mobile App based interface for superior experience
  • Very Economical for Parents. Prices start as low as 199 AED/Year!
  • Helps in improving students’ attendance ratio
  • Customised Report
  • Real-time Student Entry Dashboard
  • Report on App based push notification, Email & SMS
  • Daily Absentee & Progress report
  • and much more..

Admission Management

Student Management

Staff Management

Fee Management

Smart Attendance

Smart Homework

Exam & Result Management

Messages and Notifications

HR Management

Library Management

Transport Management

Photo Gallery

Automatic Timetable

Hostel Management


Public Relation Management

Secure Access


Web Based

24/7 support

User Friendly

Multischool Solution

Custom Data import available for easy migration from existing solution

CCE Evaluation method

Customer Centric Approach

Custom reports

Graphical report



In-house messaging

Online payments

Eco Friendly

Free for Public Schools

Easy Customization

Empower Teachers

Innovative Dashboard


Manage Users

Manage News


Human Resources




Event Creation

Applicant Registration



Fee Import

Custom Imports

Data Management



Never delete anything again




Teacher Assignment

Mobile Version

Developed in PHP

21 Language support

Integrate with Video conferencing

Wide range of services

Parent and student login

Employee login

File attachments

Custom URL

New modules every month

Evaluation method support

Color themes

No unnecessary features

No hidden fees

Available both for download and on-demand

Cutting edge User experience

Secure password management

Manage batches and courses

Well planned roadmap

Guardian details instantly available

Business friendly

Send SMSes and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones

smart features

Regular campus updates

Do Great Things

Easy attachments and styling

Attendance by subject

Unique ID for each student

Free Demo

Discussions Module

User Document Storage

Tally Integration

Google Login

High quality, low price

Smooth Transition from your legacy system

Always evolving

Printer Friendly


Online Exams

Form Builder

Analyse student performance

Group Exam