July 14, 2016

We did the math, so you can save the cash. These tips aren’t only good for the Earth, they will actually save you some real money.

By calculating how much a school or YOU spend on paper every year. How many papers you throw in a trash every day?

How many reports in envelopes you usually get? Sharad Technologies Software reduces costs by very less usage of papers and less printer cartridges. We take advantage of technology to transfer everything into digital form saving your money directly, your costs, making you a space to invest in something else instead of throwing your money away on bunch of papers.

There is a reason why Sharad Technologies introduced the first ever School ERP which comprises School Management System, Student Information System, a robust country specific Accounting and a full blown HR Management for the Schools.

Schools are heavily reliant upon physical papers to send, receive and maintain information of students. Whether they are report cards, attendance registers or various other academic progress reports, schools spend a lot on procuring and maintaining the records as well as on stationary. Our innovative and eco friendly services allow you to reduce usage of paper thereby saving a lot of money year after year. Also, it is the right thing to do as a social responsibility initiative.