July 14, 2016
Lets go green together

Sharad Technologies thinks GREEN. Providing a feature rich Automation Solution has a great purpose, reducing usage of paper in the schools and make the planet a better place to live. Sharad Technologies provides School ERP which comprises School Management System, Student Information System, Country specific Accounting and a full blown HR Management to ensure education institutes don’t depend on multiple vendors for automation.

Today, there is a necessity to consider environmental factors before adopting any technology. We are proud to be future ready making the planet a safer and greener place for our children to live in. We constantly work towards the goal of making the world a better place in our own way by providing paper free and energy efficient solutions to our clients.

Be assured that your kids in a way learn the importance of saving paper by totally eliminating paper work. What’s more, it is a proved and tested, effective way of better management and control of your school records.

With the Go-green idea, giving a free software as a gift means brighter future for the next generation. We are proud to present a software that meets high end technology and at the same time is also the complete integrated software solution providing School ERP, Accounting, HRM & Mobile apps. All-in-one.