July 12, 2016

Rich Mobile Applications (RMAs) comprise a budding research area which nowadays receives increasingly abundant attention from the academic communities. We have ensured that our customers get the best support and service via developing Feature rich mobile Applications. Mobile is the new Internet. Because of the simplicity, ease of use and vast availability of smart phones, we are able to provide you with innovative mobile apps that not only inform but also interact with you at a ground level.

Our system helps schools in reducing the overall administration work and felicitates parents with advanced notifications on their mobile device via messages or our superior apps. The software suite developed by Sharad Technologies, School ERP which is integration of School Management System, Student Information System, Country specific Accounting and a full blown HR Management all provide 100% data on mobile apps too!

So whenever a child walks through the school’s entry gate, attendance will be auto marked in the cloud server and an automatic message is sent to the parents mobile device. The system provides rich feature set of sending message or email based notifications to the parents providing details on academics, attendance, change in time-table, holidays, fees due, overall performance, sports participation, etc.


There is a tracking system that allows you to know exactly where your child is through a simple application. You receive a SMS or Push notification in real time once the student boards the bus and when the bus is approaching the home after leaving the school. Doesn’t sound interesting? The bus driver in charge will also click photos at the end of the trip and send to the bus coordinator in the school, to ensure that school bus has no child on board. To ensure safety, the supervisor of the School bus will also be reachable through the mobile apps


We’ve also for the first time introduced the Real Time Location Service which provides exact location of a child in the school where our full blown RTLS solution is set-up.