July 14, 2016

No computers and everything is so technical? Yes, this is possible and this is not something that is new. Sharad Technologies uses cloud based server, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

The machines that capture daily data of student and trigger alerts to the parents don’t need any computer system to operate.

These machines are simple plug and play devices. The effort behind developing these machines and solutions was not as easy as it seems, though. To simplify school automation, reduce costs and create a trigger based system, a lot of research and development has gone in. Our teams have worked for months fine tuning the millions of lines of code, algorithms and programming solutions that are fortunately not visible to the end user.

You as an end user, can enjoy the fruits of simplicity, delivered to you by the team of our brilliant software developers.

Yes, No computers need to be installed at the school to do all the work. Our plug and play systems are more than effective in replacing the need of physical hardware, making it a breeze to experience. Moreover, trigger systems ensure that messages and alerts to concerned parties are sent automatically.