July 14, 2016

You might ask us how the system works without human supervision? We use high end technology. and with latest technology comes simplicity.

Since the School ERP which comes loaded with School Management System, Student Information System, Country specific Accounting and a full blown HR Management from Sharad Technologies is integrated with our own designed hardware, It connects to our cloud servers and starts sending notifications based on School-Admin defined events through the application. It is a one time set up which doesn’t take more than a day!

Applications carry information about the student, attendance, performance, grades, fees, holidays, video PTM’s, chat among users, chat with the teacher and more. These services are accessible 24/7.

To sum up, if you are a parent you will have full access to the feature rich content application at any point in time. If you are a member of a school board or a principal, you will also have 24/7 access to all information regarding students performance.

We understand that automation demands less supervision to increase productivity of the administration, teachers and school authorities. That is why we came up with our solutions in a way that allows for real time information recording , tracking and reporting without any human intervention at all.