July 14, 2016

With the latest in GPS technology and RFID systems, we have combined two ingenious platforms into one package that delivers real time tracking of the student’s location. Be it inside the school or in the bus, never be in the dark as to where your wards are at any given point of time during the day.

The reports which our devices send can be monitored from virtually any location. Our School Management System provides Push notification, E-mails and SMS facility for the parents to make sure that they don’t miss any notification. The ultimate goal is to make the parent worry free by providing them all the content. On their mobile phone!

Parents also benefit from our Student Information System which sends out multiple alerts throughout the day in form of Student’s entry, exit in the School, Academic/Sports/Progressive report alerts, etc.

The accounting solution keeps the parents updated about all the expenses made by students in the school on a real time.

To top it all, our real-time systems automatically alert parents as soon as the student enters the bus and also when the bus is approaching your home. Giving you a double assurance that your kid is safe and in good hands.