July 14, 2016

RFID, RTLS and GPS solutions belong to a family of solutions referred to as location-based services (LBS).

Real Time Location Services, as it is known is a highly accurate and complex technology that use active RFID tags to effectively locate high value assets and people on Virtual maps. The technology allows you to exactly pinpoint the location of your child from anywhere in the world during school hours.


Our passive RFID technology which works in proximity to specialised RFID readers and provides ‘point-in-time’ location. Sharad Technologies’s RFID tags are easy to use, clean, and operate


Safety concerns in schools are increasing rapidly due to some anti-social elements. It is not uncommon for school students to be victims of kidnappings or threats. With our systems, you can know where exactly your child is in the school, from anywhere in the world, reducing the chances of any untoward incidences.