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Healthcare Management

Avant Garde+ offers the Doctors holistic view of Patient’s information at one screen and helps all the operators to manage their work efficiently

School ERP

RAROME ERP offers plethora of modules to make life worry free for School authorities

The most feature laden School Automation Solution and robust Healthcare Application have arrived!


Our system helps schools in reducing the overall administration work and felicitates parents with advanced notifications on their mobile device via messages or our superior apps. So whenever a child walks through the school's entry gate, attendance will be auto marked in the cloud server and an automatic message is sent to the parents mobile device.

The system provides rich feature set of sending message or email based notifications to the parents providing details on academics, attendance, change in time-table, holidays, fees due, overall performance, sports participation, etc. Moreover, you don't need any technical details to operate it. It works on it its own.

RFID solution provides improved and optimized speed and reliability of the business processes. The reports of children can be monitored from a remote location and Email/SMS are sent out to mobile devices. If that's not all, we provide apps for schools, nurseries, buses and school coordinators too.

  • School AUTOMATION to the Core

    Improved and optimised speed and reliability of the School processes.

  • Healthcare Solution

    Enjoy our renowned solution for Hospitals and Clinics of any size.

  • Mobile apps for all

    Secure, Fuss-free, and Made for everyone at the School and the Hospital.
    View every single detail of Student at the School. Now on your mobile phone

  • Cost Effective

    With our cloud services, we keep our pricing to the minimum so that our customers don't have to spend a bomb. Pay only for the number of users, or take a subsidized pricing for everyone at your organisation.

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